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I love to write. It’s the way I reason and converse with myself, although I reliably cringe when I read my previous thoughts. But I do believe that my writing can have some value to others, including my future self, so I’ll leave some of them here for posterity. There are a couple of relics still remaining on my Squarespace. You can access my collection of more embarrassing blogs (public journals?) on my Substack, but you’ve been warned.

Elle’s Unnecessary Recommendations
·3 mins
Some random recommendations of stuff I enjoy 🤪
Color Design
·1 min
11 design
Going through some of the psychology behind color design that might be helpful for designing my app!
Hello, World!
Your average ‘Hello, World!’ post…
Elle’s Top 10 Mouth-Watering NYC Memories
food recommendations
My food memories from NYC before 2021, reposted from Squarespace.
About me (2020)
An ‘About Me’, written by yours truly during the height of the pandemic 🙃