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Hello, World!

Elle Michelle Yang
Elle Michelle Yang
i create stuff.

building a website is so opaque… #

I tried to build my own website back in 2020, but I ended up abandoning it for Squarespace. One of my friends questioned me about this Neanderthalic decision. No, that someone was, actually, not me or my alternate personalities. Anyway the answer is, I didn’t want to use a standard academic portfolio template, but I also didn’t have enough time to be a pseudo-perfectionist about it and make one from scratch 😅

I’ve recently been trying to become less of a perfectionist, hence my Substack, except I realized that the platform doesn’t support Markdown or \(\LaTeX\), so I decided I would simply host my own blog, perfection be damned. Hence, this website you’re reading right now.

Web development is such an ancient art that I thought there’d be some comprehensive guide for getting started quickly, but I was disappointed at the lack of clear and simple instructions. Thankfully, the same disapproving friend from earlier mentioned Hugo, which has been exactly what I was expecting.

That said, I’m not planning to be too methodical in my posts spread across my Substack versus here, but I’ll generally post more sentimental, “think-y” ponderings on Substack and slightly more serious1 content here. Comments and critiques appreciated, as always!

other stuff going on #

I’ve been trying to keep myself accountable about actually working on my dating app, which I’ve been thinking about for ages. My first actual blog post will be on color design:

Color Design
·1 min
11 design
Going through some of the psychology behind color design that might be helpful for designing my app!

Also I’m kind of playing around with Hugo’s blogging functionalities lol, so here’s what an alert looks like:

I rarely post, but here is my Twitter if you want to follow me.

  1. I’m really not that serious of a person though… ↩︎